Clearwire and Sprint Resume WiMax Talks

Here’s a follow-up to my “stop screwing up so much Sprint” article recently posted. Evidently, Sprint Nextel and Clearwire are resuming talks to have their partnership for their ambitious WiMax project. This is pretty good news for both companies and for road warriors in general. WiMax is faster than the current cellular networks (even the 3g networks) and if done correctly, will be a hell of a lot cheaper. Rumor has it that Intel (another WiMax backer…who also happens to have loads of money and loves R&D) is interested in investing a bit in this venture. Nice!

C’mon Sprint…we can do this. You can’t do it alone. Neither can Clearwire. Together, you have a chance. Yes, you’ll be the first ones out there, investing loads in the infrastructure, making the newbie mistakes that others can learn from, but it also give you the lead if you manage this thing correctly. I want to see this.

Am I rooting for the underdog (compared to Verizon, AT&T…)? I don’t think so. I simply see a great opportunity for them. I’d also love to see widespread WiMax adoption. I would love to see a time where I don’t have to find a hot-spot just to surf the web. So here’s to Clearwire and Sprint…this is your chance. Make the best of it.