MacBook Air Broohaha

There’s been a lot of press about Apple’s new MacBook Air since it was revealed at Macworld Expo last week. The Apple die-hards think it’s amazing. Critics don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve already received numerous emails and seen a number of articles on what this ultra-portable laptop is missing…most notably a DVD drive. Granted, when I first heard that I thought “WTF Steve? How could you leave that out?” but then I immediately thought back two when the first iMac was introduced with no floppy drive. I was actually doing tech support at the time and as I looked at these little machines I wondered how my clients would survive without floppies. As an immediate fix, many bought external floppy drives to get their files onto their computer. It’s funny to think now just how dependent we were on floppies, yet I can’t even fathom having one now. Do we really NEED a DVD drive?

The whole point of an ultra-portable machine is to be lighter and thinner…ultra-portable. How many times have you (the business traveler) actually used your DVD drive while on the road? Ok, an occasional movie here and there, but I think we can live without that…or just put a movie on the hard drive if you’re that desperate to watch a flick.

If I could have two machines, a home machine and a laptop, I’d definitely opt for the MacBook Air. However, I don’t have that luxury just yet, so even with my ranting on how I don’t see the DVD omission as a problem I’ll have to stick with a MacBook or MacBook Pro. The MBAir isn’t for everyone…it’s for the traveler that wants something smaller and lighter. The general masses that are criticizing Apple’s move need to realize this and harp on something else…like why Apple isn’t upping the server offerings while they’ve got the obvious momentum of gaining market share in the past few quarters…