An interesting “ah ha” moment came to me today while thinking about various people that I’ve worked with, played sports with, or simply interacted with in life. The basic premise […]

It’s interesting (ie, challenging) being a tech geek and businessman in today’s environment because one can see opportunities EVERYWHERE. However, simply seeing an opportunity does not mean it’s an easy […]

How I love my smartphone! I know I know I promised to post the funny story of going from the momentous POS (and that’s not Point-of-Sale) Samsung Moment to the […]

Sprint raced out of the 4G gate a while back with it’s WiMAX offering as it partnered with Clearwire. A good move if you’re looking at the joy of having […]

If there’s one thing to remember while coming up with a new business, a new app, a new service, whatever it may be…remember this one thing. Do one thing and […]